What is it?  A Serum that nourishes and restores your skin’s natural oils to improve complexion and invigorate all skin types. Your skin is left hydrated, soft and supple.


Why do we love it? What’s not to love?  Regular use improves complexion and we all swear it is making us look younger! So whether you need an extra boost of hydration after a long flight or you use it daily like we do, this is one product that you will become addicted to.


What’s in it? A unique blend of Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree and Vitamin E Oils.


How to use it? Gently apply a small amount to cleansed, dry skin taking care to avoid the eye area. Gently pat the serum into your skin. Use daily.


Size:  50ml



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