Refresh Body Wash

What is it?  Its a Castile body wash that cleanses, moisturises and regenerates the skin. It does not block the pores and can accelerate natural healing as the ingredients boost cell regeneration.  

Why do we love it?  We love it because it is mild & gentle on the skin. The oleic, linoleic acid and olive squalane in the olive oil, feed and regenerate the skin and increase the elasticity.  Suitable for use on all skin types. Gentle enough for children. It has been found suitable as part of the treatment by persons suffering from Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne and dry itchy skin.

What is in it?  Saponified Organic virgin olive oil, Organic avocado oil, Glycerine and natural sun dried sea salt.  No sulphates, detergents or chemical preservatives are used.

How to use it?   Apply liberally to your entire body and rinse well.

Size:  500ml

Refresh-Body Wash


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